"When the mind is still, the entire being is calm and steady" - anonymous"

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Schedule & Style of Teaching

Tuesday               6:30 PM        Mixed Levels

What style of yoga will I learn?

You will learn a combination of Hatha and Raja Yoga. Hatha Yoga incorporates the physical postures or asanas and deep-breathing techniques (pranayama).    Improved balance, postural alignment, strength and flexibility are the results of consistent practice.  Raja Yoga is the meditative component, cultivating inward focused attention and meditative awareness.  Combining Raja with Hatha deepens the experience of our yoga practice. 

Living today's lifestyle typically results in an overload of mental activity.  Letting go of the chatter in the mind through yoga practice enhances mental stillness, calm and peace. Quieting the mind allows us to reconnect with ourselves and be truly present in the moment. 

Over time you will experience profound stillness and inner quiet which helps relieve the stress of daily living.

  • Series of 6 consecutive weekly classes - $90.00
  • Private Yoga  or Yoga Nidra/Integrative Relaxation sessions - $50.00 
  • Drop-ins welcome/call ahead for confirmation of space - $17.00   
  • Major holidays observed. Please call Ellen at 978-368-0575 if you are uncertain.
  • Inclement weather:  If Clinton Public Schools are closed, yoga classes will be cancelled. 

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